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Portsmouth Commercial Port is the UK’s premier ferry port for the western channel and the second busiest cross channel ferry port in the UK.The port has been owned by Portsmouth City Council since 1839, and is now the most successful municipal port in the UK. It is rightly regarded as the centrepiece of commercial  maritime activities in the Portsmouth area.



A lack of routine maintenance, combined with a corrosive, salt-laden atmosphere, caused catastrophe when a heavy, combined (speed and direction) wind sensor disintegrated at the top of its 50 feet high mounting, and crashed to the ground. Fortunately, no-one at ground level was injured, but the wind equipment was a ‘write-off’.

MetEngUK had previously provided parts to keep the ‘old’ system going, but had never visited the site – until this incident, when they were asked to supply, install and commission a replacement state-of-the-art, digital wind measurement and display system.



Being familiar with surface wind measurement requirements at ports and harbours, MetEngUK engineers designed a robust and accurate digital wind system using lightweight alloy sensors mounted on an alloy cross-arm.

The sensor system, which was installed on top of the existing 50 feet high lighting array, was connected to a new, digital averaging wind display unit in the harbour office, to provide the port operator with a wealth of real-time wind data. This included 2-minute and 10-minute averages of speed and direction as well as the ‘instantaneous’ data.

Wind measurement systems of this type can be expected to give many (>10) years of accurate and reliable service – provided that they are regularly serviced.

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