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New met systems for Wycombe Air Park

New met systems for Wycombe Air Park

"New PTU systems for Booker"

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MetEngUK has had a working relationship with Wycombe Air Park for more than a decade, during which time the company has provided routine servicing and calibration services for the aerodrome's operational meteorological systems.

In April 2012, a new WD50-based airfield wind system was installed. This replaced an ageing and obsolete WAD21M system; however, the original PA21 aviation barometer continued in service, being calibrated annually by MetEngUK until 2016. As there is no longer any manufacturer's support for the PA21, and few, if any, now remain in use at UK aerodromes, MetEngUK has withdrawn its calibration services for this instrument.

As a consequence, Wycombe Air Park invited tenders for the supply, installation and commissioning of a replacement aviation barometer system; they also included a new temperature/humidity system in the tender requirement.

MetEngUK's competitive offering was accepted, and their engineers completed the installation and commissioning of the new systems (which included WID513, PTB330 and HMP155) on 7 September 2017.

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New met systems for Wycombe Air Park
07 th Sep

New met systems for Wycombe Air Park

New PTU systems for Booker

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